I'm very proud to share that by choosing print-on-demand merch, you can enjoy being a part of a movement towards waste free, sustainable fashion!

These exclusive, limited edition, print-on-demand tees are designed by myself + Deadly Merch, and the color designs are being worn on stage by my band and I throughout my 2023 touring (although you will receive a brand-new unworn one thankfully!)

You can choose whether you would like any of these tees with or without tour dates on the back.

The color designs are inspired by the artwork of my latest album 'NUT', featuring vibrant close-up images of flowers taken under UV light, changing the usual into the fantastical...The NUT album is all about the mind, and these images are inspired by the idea of shedding a new and exciting light on reality. The geometric shapes are also inspired by the tattoo on my forearm, each shape representing an element of the world as we know it.

As for the black + white rock n' roll tees...they speak for themselves!!

As print-on-demand garments are custom made *just* for you, please make sure you order the correct size as sadly we can't do exchanges or refunds. 

Hope you love wearing them as much as I do!

KT x